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"Quality--Hands down, the best I have ever worked with (~10 years). Resumes are targeted, highly researched, and the employee backgrounds summarized every time. The hit rate on candidates is 2-3 times better than any other firm--always professional, prepared, and well qualified. Timeliness--24x7 service and there is always another 5 resumes behind the one that didn't work out. Overall a truly exceptional firm--high integrity, genuine interest in placing the right candidate over the fee, and they listen every time!"
-- VP-Professional Services, Supply Chain Software Company

"I would be very happy to recommend your services to those who want to work with a true recruiting professional. The FCG team takes the time to understand our requirements and then to modify the caliber/skills of the candidates being presented, based upon feedback provided. I particularly appreciate the synopsis provided with each candidate and weekly follow up/status report that helps me to track the candidates in process from FCG.
It would be my pleasure to speak to a prospective client who has perhaps been "burned" by working with some of the less professional firms in the market. Please let me know if you would like to have me do so."
-- Director of Recruiting, IT Consulting Firm

"The FCG team has consistently been highly responsive to our needs. They bring a really personal touch to understanding our needs and to following through with us and with the candidates that they present. Our company is growing fast and evolving quickly, and within days of opening a req for a new position, FCG would have several highly qualified candidates in front of us, even when we challenged him with hard-to-fill or unusual roles. They were also flexible in reacting to rapidly changing circumstances, and took a real partnering approach to our business. I would have no reservations in recommending them."
-- VP Professional Services, Assessment Software Company

"Your service has been great... my internal customers have expressed their happiness with your timeliness, the quality of applicants, and the professionalism of you and your team. Your firm has done great work for us, Our Company and FCG will be doing business together for a long time."
-- Director of U.S. Recruiting, $5 Billion International Company

"My experience with FCG has been one that is so positive that I view them as another one of my co-workers. They always have exceeded my requirements and if anything has at times sent me more candidates than my process was able to handle. I also cannot say enough about their willingness to serve and go beyond expectations. Their commitment to service is beyond any other search firm that I have worked with and consequently they are and will remain our partner of choice."
-- Director of Recruiting, IT Consulting

"I am very pleased with the level of support you have provided us in filling the multiple positions we had open. Many of these positions were open since March.
The quality of FCG's candidates resulted in a high percentage being accepted out of the first cut. Again, the second cut, being telephone screened, had a high acceptance rate as well. The candidates met the years of experience, education and industry focus we required.
I am most appreciative of your process and time management skills. You insured we moved at a good pace, submitting resumes, follow-up discussions on the first cut, organizing telephone interview schedules, then following up again on that cut. This allowed us to keep up with the data you were providing and get to the on-site interview cut. All this activity for fifty-plus viable candidates in less than 30 days.
The process of understanding the role and our needs appeared to help you narrow down the type of candidates we were looking for. Frequent discussions with us rather than e-mails were most beneficial to insure we were both on the same page. I could not be more pleased than we are and I now understand the degree of respect your firm has."
-- Director of Operations, $3 Billion International Company

"I have been recruiting for almost 20 years as a contingent and now as Recruiting Director. Working with FCG has been the best experience of my career for three important reasons:

  1. They strive and succeed in understanding our business and needs.
  2. They deliver quality candidates in a timely and efficient manner making the process enjoyable.
  3. They conducted themselves in an ethical and professional manner which is the heart of it all- "Trust."

-- Director of Recruiting, $2 Billion Software Company