The Franklin Group Marketing Consultancy

The Franklin Group Marketing Consultancy is dedicated to NOT just thinking outside the box but also making boxes work better. Every good box carries a brand. Our consultancy is dedicated to unleashing the power of every brand.

Brand building is the goal of every company, and from the second a business is conceived entrepreneurs start to focus on naming their enterprise. True brand loyalty is not built by name alone. Good brands come from good ideas. We help people with good ideas turn them into lasting brands by focusing on brand design, brand development and helping our clients build brand equity. Brand strategy must be managed over time and our team of brand consultants can help make sure that your company stays loyal to your brand promise.

Our services include:

Brand Incubator

If you are considering launching a new company or a new brand, our staff of entrepreneurs can help guide you through the development of your idea to corporate or product launch.

Customer Growth and Customer Retention

In a world where attention is split into fractions of seconds, customers need to be nurtured and made brand loyal. Our staff works with you to examine your customer base, revitalize existing customers and help develop new audiences.

From Good To Great

Is your company ready for the next jump in revenues but unsure how to do that? Our staff of seasoned business developers and start up company executives will review your business, your mission and your future prospects. We work with you to develop a strategic vision and tactical plan that will bring your business to untapped markets and new directions.

Free Consultation

We know how effective we can be for you - so much so that we offer an introductory, free consultation.

If you are interested in setting up an appointment, simply email to set up a telephone or in person meeting.